Emboss and EMBL size problem

Peter Rice peter.rice at uk.lionbioscience.com
Fri Jul 5 14:24:11 UTC 2002

"simon andrews (BI)" wrote:

> I also note that the configure script for EMBOSS identifies the command line options:
>         --enable-large
>         --enable-64
> ..as well as many other text fragments which look like they
> might have something to do with this topic, but I've not been
> able to find any documentation about them, nor can I see
> anything in our configure log where the system is being checked
> for large file support.

They tell EMBOSS to use long integers and use large file support, but do
not change the default integer size.

> Is anyone able to shed any light on the changes which would need
> to be made either to our configuration, or to the EMBOSS source
> code to allow large files to be accessed under systems such as ours.

I am investigating...

One problem is that the specification for the index format EMBOSS uses does
not support long integers. I will check with EBI (we use their EMBLCD
format) on what they do.

Splitting the file does sound like a good idea though.



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