generate a FASTA file with a annotation file (extension .dat)

julien Faurie faurie at
Wed Aug 28 13:12:59 UTC 2002

> > In EMBOSS documention, I found the command "seqret"
> Good choice. You can pick the fasta format you prefer:
> % seqret seq.dat -sformat swissprot swissprot.fasta
> ... gives you fasta headers like this:
>  >100K_RAT Q62671 100 KDA PROTEIN (EC 6.3.2.-).

Thank you very much and I prefer the first command at this time.

> Note in passing ... it seems 100K_RAT is no longer the first entry in
> SwissProt, as accession Q62671 is now called KC11_RAT (Casein Kinase I
> gamma 1 isoform).

this note is not important for my translation, isn't it ???

Thanks for your help.


Julien Faurie.

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