Request (est2genome)

Peter Rice peter.rice at
Thu Aug 1 15:18:12 UTC 2002

Jean-Christophe Amé writes:

> I am looking for a program that would allow to do a multiple alignment
> of multiple ESTs sequences against a genomic sequence almost like
> est2genome does but with multiple ESTs. Does it exist ??

est2genome accepts multiple ESTs as input !!! But it reports one set of
exons and alignment for each EST.

We are looking into alignment and report format output for est2genome, so
one obvious question:

What format alignment would you like from est2genome (we could build one
alignment of all ESTs against the genomic sequence, or separate alignments,
and allow a choice of alignment format).

(also, what format report would be most useful?)

.... we will have to keep the original format output for users who are
dependent on parsing it.


Peter Rice

Peter Rice, LION Bioscience Ltd, Cambridge, UK
peter.rice at +44 1223 224723

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