Problems with emowse

Bryan Gibbon bgibbon at
Wed Oct 10 16:56:32 UTC 2001

    I am having some trouble with emowse searches of flatfile databases
(NCBI format). When I perform a search the results are empty except for
the list of masses used for the search. The database is indexed
correctly as I can fetch any entry with seqret or entret. Searches
against a fasta database returned by seqret and indexed with dbifasta
work fine. Is there any way to make emowse read the flatfile databases
properly so that I do not have to maintain a fasta copy of every protein

Thanks in advance for your help,
Bryan Gibbon
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Arizona
303 Forbes
Tucson, AZ 85721

Phone:   520-621-9154
Fax:     520-621-3692

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