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Johann Visagie wrote:
> gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk on 2001-01-19 (Fri) at 11:25:56 +0000:
> >
> > The simple character-based menu 'emnu' is now available from the EMBASSY
> > FTP site:
> I'm having a bad day.  :-)  Compilation of EMNU fails for me in such a basic
> way that I'm sure the answer to the problem is right in front of me, but for
> the life of me I can't figure it out right now.
> I'm trying to compile on FreeBSD 5-CURRENT, which ships with ncurses 5.1.
> Attached is the output of running gmake in EMNU-1.0.0/source.  As you can
> see, emnu.o is compiled but upon trying to link it a whole bunch of undefined
> references appear.  Examination with nm(1) indicates that these symbols are
> indeed undefined.  The problem persists no matter how explicitly I enforce
> linking in the Makefile (post-configure).  It's as linking against libncurses
> just fails silently.  Very worrying.
> Any ideas or pointers?
> (The undefined references in libplplot is also worrying...  but one problem
> at a time...)
> -- Johann

I think that you have not got the 'forms' and 'menu' libraries of curses
set up on your machine.

This appears to be more common than I had thought!

The best course of action might be to set up a copy of 'ncurses' (a
freeware version of System V curses). This includes the form and menu

If you do not wish to overwrite your existing version of curses, the
emnu INSTALL file gives details of the 'configure' option
'--with-curses=' to allow you to specify the location of your curses
libraries in a non-standard place:

  If you give `configure' the option `--with-curses=/usr/local/gnu', it
  will look for some form of curses in those directories.  It will take
  ncurses if it's there otherwise it'll use curses.  If you don't give
  this '--with-curses' option it will look in the standard places and,
  again, use ncurses in preference to curses. 


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