Martin Luetzelberger luetzel at
Wed Feb 21 10:21:23 UTC 2001

Hi all,

I'm in trouble with EMBOSS 1.10.0 running on SuSE Linux 7.0.
Compilation and installation of the programs was fine --
no problems at all. However, all of the programs
for restriction mapping like "redata", "restrict" and "remap"
crash with a segmentation fault.

I've set EMBOSS_DATA to /usr/local/share/EMBOSS/data, the
folder which includes the REBASE directory. I've extracted REBASE
 files using "rebaseextract" from "withrefm" (rebase 101). The
files embossre.enz, embossre.ref and embossre.sup were
placed properly into the REBASE folder by the "rebaseextract"

Has anyone the same experience? Any suggestions?

Martin Luetzelberger, Ph.D

Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

The Biomedical Center (BMC),
BOX 582, Husargatan 3,
University of Uppsala
S-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden

Phone : +46(0)18 471-4587 or -4557 
Fax   : +46(0)18 517533
Mobile: +46(0)73 0388442
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