more problems with configure and --with-pngdriver

David Starks-Browning starksb at
Thu Feb 15 13:37:36 UTC 2001


Continuing with --with-pngdriver:

We went to some effort to build shared versions of for use by
the perl module  This is not the default, so perhaps few people
have done this.

When configure checks for png support, it tries to compile conftest.c,
which contains a call to gdImageCreateFromPng(), by linking against
-lgd.  If this is successful, hoorah.  If it fails, then configure
advises you that you must upgrade your gd library.

I find that compilation of conftest succeeds with on Compaq,
but fails on Linux and Solaris, with unresolved references to jpeg and
Xpm routines.  (We have IRIX too, but only libgd.a on that, and it
succeeds.)  If I compile manually, the Linux and Solaris compiles do
succeed if I use the static library libgd.a.

It could be that I built correctly on Compaq but incorrectly
on Linux and Solaris.  So I ask, does anyone else have this problem?

If it's not simply an error on my part, then perhaps configure needs
to be told how to deal with this case.

Again, if there is interest (i.e., it's not just me affected), then I
could attempt to fix this in the CHECK_PNGDRIVERS macro.


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