Johann Visagie johann at
Mon Dec 4 12:55:47 UTC 2000

David Bauer on 2000-12-04 (Mon) at 08:55:17 +0100:
> I'm getting the same errors when building MEME on FreeBSD, and a new
> problem with EMBOSS-1.8.0 itself:
> Configure writes wrong LDFLAGS in the ajax/Makefile. What I get there is
> "-no-undefined" which results in failing to find the libs.
> After changing this to -L/usr/local/lib gcc is happy again.

Which version of FreeBSD are you building on?

I'm constantly building EMBOSS on FreeBSD - several builds are usually
required every time I change anything to the FreeBSD EMBOSS port - and I've
not seen the build breaking, ever.  (Though I'm doing another build now to be
sure.)  I do all my development and testing on 5.0-CURRENT these days,

BTW, the FreeBSD EMBOSS port now includes the EMBASSY applications MSE,
PHYLIP and TOPO.  Upon installation the user is given an ncurses-based
full-screen menu in order to decide which of them to install.  I'll add MEME
to the port soon as well, and EMNU when it's available.

-- Johann

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