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Catherine Letondal letondal at pasteur.fr
Wed Aug 30 12:38:19 UTC 2000

David Bauer writes:
> Catherine Letondal wrote:
> >The main problem is for results delivery for long jobs: the results page would
> >have to be bookmarked and reloaded periodically by the user.
> Or by the server? I'm not sure how NCBI is doing it with the Blast results. There you
> get a page which is automatically periodically reloaded with increasing time 
> intervals.

Some programs take several days to run (phylogenetic jobs)... and there is no simple
way of indicating how long the job will last to limit a server reload to a certain time.

Another solution would be to let the user optionally enter his/her email only for detached 
jobs :


> Btw. it would be nice to have a PLPLOT_LIB similar to EMBOSSDIR in Makefile.global.
> I placed it in emboss.xml but this is definitely not a clean solution.

Well, it depends...

1) Here, we use wrappers which define all EMBOSS variables.
2) The emboss.xml file is a proper editable configuration file. The update has been
automated for convenience, but the 2 files are clearly redundant. There are other
EMBOSS variables, like EMBOSS_DATA, which could be defined in the Makefile.global or
emboss.xml as well.
3) Isn't it possible to have these variables defined in the $HOME configuration
file of the Web server? (I don't remember its name)

Catherine Letondal -- Pasteur Institute Computing Center

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