David Bauer bauer at genprofile.com
Thu Aug 24 15:23:25 UTC 2000


I have cleaned up the web site at:


There should be no more dead links. Selection lists for graphical output are reduced 
to those formats which are supported by Pise.
Its open for testing. 
Please don't believe in the 5 days lifetime of your results.
If I run out of disk space, I will scratch the tmp directory without looking 
how old the files are :-|.

This modified Pise can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from:


After untaring please read the README file. It contains the original installation
instructions with minor aditions.
The Perl and Other directories contain all the modules needed by Pise to compile.
If your web server has the traditional apache layout, you should be able
to compile it without any trouble.

This system was developed by Catherine Letondal from the Pasteur Institute,


Dr. David Bauer
GenProfile AG, Max-Delbrueck-Center, Erwin-Negelein-Haus 
Robert-Roessle-Str. 10, D-13125 Berlin, Germany
bauer at genprofile.com, Tel:49-30-94892165, FAX:49-30-94892151

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