Admin guide upgrades

David Martin david.martin at
Thu Aug 17 11:29:04 UTC 2000

In line with Alans updates to DBIBLAST, and the imminent inclusion of one
of my hacks (yes I do write code as well as the admin guide) to allow
group specific EMBOSS configuration, the admin guide has been updated
and some spelling and formatting errors have been rectified.

the new versions are available, as ever, from and adminguide.pdf
depending on the format you want.

HTML may follow soon and will be available via the EMBnet Norway web site,


*  Dr. David Martin                  Biotechnology Centre of Oslo   *
*  Node Manager                      Gaustadalleen 21               *
*  The Norwegian EMBNet Node         P.O. box 1125 Blindern         *
*  tel +47 22 95 87 56               N-0317 Oslo                    *
*  fax +47 22 69 41 30               Norway                         * 

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