New draft of the admin guide

David Martin david.martin at
Fri Aug 11 11:11:33 UTC 2000

There are one or two minor issues, but the latest draft of the admin guide
is probably ready for public airing.

Outstanding issues:

DBIFASTA information has not been verified. I still have some problems
with some databases that should in theory be processed OK.

SRS lookup information has not been verified. I would appreciate feedback
from those who know more about such things.

Maybe Peter Rice would write a more comprehensive guide to EMBOSS-SRS
integration in due course as he is the leader in that area. As it is, only
the very basics are given.

I am still keen to get hold of more documentation references.

There are a few formatting errors outstanding. Reading the LaTeX book is
the next thing on my list.

Apart from that, problems with the document should be directed to me and I
will endeavour to fix them.

If someone creates RPM or DEB packages for EMBOSS, please let me know and
I will include a description of those along with the FreeBSD description.

Available from


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*  The Norwegian EMBNet Node         P.O. box 1125 Blindern         *
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