databases strategies

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Wed Aug 9 22:35:48 UTC 2000


Anything but naive. Here is an attempt at a concise reply, however
David Martin is producing an "Administrators Guide" which will
hopefully be clearer than this.....

Yes, with care, it is possible to index all databases of the
same type in one go and therefore have just one set of the
4 index files. All database IDs must be unique though, but
that's the first rule of any database. The divisions file
keeps track of which IDs belong to which database.
Then, for each separate database entry in emboss.defaults
you can use a combination of "files" an "exclude" to
include and exclude files as appropriate.

For those databases in the same directory where you can't
be sure that IDs aren't shared I'd suggest keeping the
indexes in separate directories. The "emboss.default" file
allows specification of "dir:" for the main database
files and "indexdir:" for a directory where the index files
for that database are kept.



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