[emboss-dev] computed maximum forbidden in ACD ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Tue Aug 17 18:43:58 UTC 2010

	Dear Peter and Alan,

I was doing some development on wrappers4EMBOSS when I noted the 
following. The file blast.acd contains :

   integer: listsize [
     information: "Show only the n best scoring sequences that
                   satisfy E() cutoff"
     default: "500"
     minimum: "0"

   integer: align [
     information: "Show only alignments for the n first
     default: "@(@($(listsize) < 250 ) ? $(listsize) : 250)"
     expected: "250"
     minimum: "0"
     maximum: "$(listsize)"                          (this is line 100)
     valid: "Integer 0 or more, but not < listsize"

When I run blast I get :

Error: File /OPT/emboss63/share/EMBOSS/acd/blast.acd line 100: 
(wordsize) Attribute failrange: required with any calculated min/max

I am as good as certain that this behaviour has appeared with EMBOSS 
version 6.3.0. In the past it was allowed to set a "maximum" that 
depended on the choice of another parameter, and we can see that it 
could occasionally make sense, but this seems from now on forbidden. I 
this a bug or a feature ?

	Guy Bottu

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