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Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jun 9 15:04:18 UTC 2009

Dear Jitesh,

> I need to know the priority on which any script/ application in EMBOSS
> is executed.

Currently, all EMBOSS applications simply execute.

When they terminate, if EMBOSS_LOGFILE is defined they can write a
single record the the logfile.

However, we can extend this is that is what you are suggesting.

All EMBOSS (and EMBASSY) applications start with a call to ajAcdInit
(often via embInitP or ajGraphInit)

All EMBOSS applications end with a call to ajExit on success. Failed
applications should call ajExitBad or ajExitAbort ... unless they crash
with a segmentation fault or are otherwise terminated.

So we have places to put in additional monitoring code.

> If applications in Emboss are to be executed, they need to be assigned
> a priority or an impact , besides the following:-
> 1) A master database or a table that stores list of applications
> running. These will be updated by a scheduled script running
> continuously in the background.

This script, could, for example, check the list of known running
applications and remove any that appear to have crashed.

> 2) the front-end GUI needs to showing a chart of applications running
> and parameters like progress, time consumed etc.
> Measuring progress needs some breakpoints. Their status will be
> pending,WIP or completed.

We have no breakpoints in EMBOSS at present. Can you give examples of
what you have in mind?

> I will send further details in 1-2 days. Meanwhile, i request your feedback.

Hope this helps.

Peter Rice

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