[emboss-dev] Open-bio cross-project issues

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jul 27 08:55:43 UTC 2009

Peter C. wrote (to bioperl-l, biopython-l, emboss-dev):
> Hi all,
> Peter Rice kindly said he will look into an OBF cross project mailing
> list, but in the meantime this has been cross posted to the Biopython,
> BioPerl, and EMBOSS development lists.

There is a list already for this purpose - open-bio-l

I think we will also need a cross-project wiki space on the OBF site. Is
there something already used by other projects or should we set
something up?

I am cross-posting this to other OBF project lists to encourage
developers interested in combining efforts to address common problems.
This started with FASTQ short read formats, and open-bio-l (a low volume
list) has also seen discussion of common test data sets.

Please sign up to open-bio-l (if you are not there already) and post
suggestions for cross-project issues there. The list subscription page is:


Please feel free to forward this to any other projects I may have missed
(I picked the obvious addresses from the list.open-bio-org server)


Peter Rice

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