[emboss-dev] EMBOSS seqret FASTQ support

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jul 21 07:43:40 UTC 2009

Peter C. wrote:

> Could anyone spot a "but" coming up?
> Well, here we are - consider the following single Sanger format
> FASTQ record (originally from the NCBI SRA, I think SRA000271,
> but I would have to double check that).
> @071113_EAS56_0053:1:1:182:712
> +071113_EAS56_0053:1:1:182:712
> I would guess the problem is that quality line starts with a @,

Urghh ... I left an extra '@' test in even though I meant to take it out 
before the release.

I will make a patch for this ... have to look into a couple of your other 
queries at the same time as they are in the same source file.



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