[emboss-dev] on-line manual blues

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Wed Jul 16 17:24:46 UTC 2008

	Dear Peter and Alan,

We are on the verge of releasing a new version of wEMBOSS. The recent release of 
EMBOSS 6 forced us to perform a last minute change to make it work. Good news is 
that Marc Colet found a way to let wEMBOSS find the on-line manuals in HTML 
format, no matter where they are. So, you can ignore the mail I send last week.

At this occasion I spent a lot of work on getting at the BEN site the manuals 
(and all the internal hyperlinks) right and I discovered that my old complaint 
about the manual for extractalign not being there was due to the fact that it is 
in the distribution but was not installed because not mentioned in the Makefile. 
This is corrected in EMBOSS version 6. Idem for edit_group.html. But there are 
some troubles that persist in the Embassy packages :
- In the PHYLIPNEW package the manuals for fdnamove, fdolmove and frestdist
   are there but are not installed
- In the package TOPO the file topo.gif is lacking and hence topo.html has a
   "dead" hyperlink. I managed to rescue the file topo.gif from

	Guy Bottu,

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