[emboss-dev] Reverse merger

Douglas Calaway calawaydoug at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 15:01:23 UTC 2008

IntraGlobal, Inc assists private companies in accessing growth capital by
taking them public through a reverse merger with a public company. With
offices in Portland ME, Orlando, FL., and Irvine, CA. IntraGlobal has
control of several public shells and provides comprehensive reverse merger
services for select private companies. IntraGlobal is *only* interested in
companies that have a history of growth and profitability and willing to
establish a 2 year relationship with the senior executives of IntraGlobal to
further grow the company. Our principals have been involved in numerous
reverse merger transactions, and our organization includes individuals with
expertise and knowledge in all of the areas that are required to
successfully complete and support a reverse merger transaction, including
strategic planning, corporate and securities law, SEC accounting, investor
relations, capital raising and investment banking services.

A Reverse Merger is a transaction where by the private company shareholders
will gain control of a public company by merging it in with their private
company. The private company shareholders receive a substantial majority of
the shares of the public company (normally 85% to 90% or more) and the
control of the board of directors.

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