[emboss-dev] Empty value in list

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Apr 4 13:12:16 UTC 2008

Hi Sebastian,

> How can I make an empty choice in list values attribute ?
> Something like
>     values: " , a, t"
>         delimiter: ", "
> with 'a', 't' and '' (or ' ') as choices.

You need something for the user to choose, so you have to use a name
like "none".

EMBOSS tests the user's input by comparing it to all the list values and
finding one that is unambiguous. For example, typing "a" is accepted if
only one value starts with "a...".

Typing nothing (just hitting return when prompted) is EMBOSS's way to
accept the default value. There will be no way for the user to specify
an empty choice.

Can you give a little more information about why you want an empty 
choice in a list?



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