[emboss-dev] External Libraries, C++ App

Brandon Barker brandon.barker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 05:02:09 UTC 2007

Hello, I'm currently developing a software package that I would like
to try to add to EMBOSS or EMBASSY.  There are two potential problems:
 the package I'm working on is in C++, and most likely won't be
changed to C.  Also, it makes heavy use (in innermost loops,
unfortunately, but this can't be avoided) of arbitrary precision
rationals (or integers) so I need to  use an external library (GMP).
All the licensing should be fine, since all of the software and
libraries I'm using are under the LGPL or the GPL.  The application
area is parametric and inverse parametric sequence alignment (or
regular alignment with arbitrary precision parameters, but I don't
think too many people are interested in that aspect).

My question is: should I shoot for acceptance in to EMBOSS, EMBASSY,
or neither?  I would also like to know if someone is already working
on a parametric alignment application for EMBOSS =).


Brandon Barker

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