[emboss-dev] Important news for developers on open-bio machines

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sat Mar 25 23:50:57 UTC 2006

Hi, apologies for the massive cross-post. I'll keep it short!

This message is a last-ditch attempt to contact people with developer  
accounts on pub.open-bio.org who may have not received the individual  
mails we've been sending via the obf-developers at lists.open-bio.org  
mailing list. We suspect that there are a number of devs out there  
for whom we don't have up to date email addresses.

All open-bio services have been migrated to new hardware and a new  
datacenter. Part of this migration process involved moving all  
developer accounts and all source-code repositories to a new server.  
The developer migration was completed a few minutes ago. An  
unavoidable side effect of the move is that all developers are now  
locked out of their accounts until they contact us for a password reset.

If you are a developer and this news comes as a surprise to you, it  
means we don't have your contact info. Your best way to get up to  
speed on the history and technical details behind the migration is to  
point your browser here:


... and read the various messages we've posted this month. Included  
in the first message is the information on how to request an account  

Chris Dagdigian

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