pmr at pmr at
Sun Jun 26 22:59:21 UTC 2005

Hi C...,

> Ah...  It seems I was trying to do things the wrong way.  Everything
> is clear now; I was trying to use ACD for something it was never
> intended for.  Digging a little deeper, I found that I can easily get
> a sequence object from a USA whenever I need to.  Not sure why I
> didn't try that first...

Strange as it may seem, you could still be in slightly uncharted territory
- issues such as where the formats are set, and some of the options that
ACD handles automatically.

Just ask for help if you find anythign weird. In theory there should be
code in the ajSeq functions to do all this, but in practice some things
are known only in the ACD processing. We should fix that of course - just
as soon as it impacts on anyone else :-)



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