AcdPAcd destructor

pmr at pmr at
Sun Jun 26 12:26:52 UTC 2005

Hi C...,

(one day we'll find out what the 'C' stands for :-)

> Does the CVS version of emboss have a destructor for the AcdPAcd
> object?  I would like to send data through ACD more than once during
> the lifetime of my program.   ajAcdExit() doesn't seem to do
> anything...  I was hoping it would clean things up so I could run
> ajAcdInitP() again, but no luck.

As embInitP is meant to be called just once, at startup, there is no
application in EMBOSS that required a destructor. We should have one, of
course, but there is rather more needed to properly cleanup and restore
the initial state of ACD processing..

It would help if you could explain a little more why you want to be a
little heretical and call embInit (or embInitP) more than once. One thing
I'm curious about is where the other commandlines are coming from :-)

I can think of some good use cases. We could use a code stub to check how
well we can cleanup.



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