embInitP documentation?

C Thomas cjt01 at uark.edu
Sat Jun 25 19:06:51 UTC 2005


I'm new to EMBOSS, but I've read a good bit of the documentation on  
the website, and also have delved into the source code.

I want to create a program that doesn't exist in the pre-existing  
EMBOSS software repository structure - that is, I want the binary to  
live in any arbitrary place I want.

When I try this, it seems that embInit() does not 'see' the ACD file  

It looks as if embInitP() may be meant to handle a situation like this:

from embinit.c:

AjStatus embInitP (const char *pgm, ajint argc, char * const argv[],
                    const char *package)

   return ajAcdInit (pgm, argc, argv);

The documentation has this to say about that last argument:

const char*
Package name, used to find the ACD file

What exactly a package name is, and how it is used to find the ACD  
file, seems to be left as an exercise to the reader.

I've looked at both ajNamInit and ajAcdInit, but the process used to  
find the ACD file based on that const char *package is still a  
mystery to me.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks, and thanks for this awesome software (I'm assuming the emboss  
authors read this list...)

c. thomas

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