[emboss-dev] EMBOSS in August

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jul 22 15:00:01 UTC 2005

We know it is close to the end of July, and we have not said what is happening 
to the EMBOSS team. We do have a solution, but it is not yet officially confirmed.

The Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research will close at the end of 
next week. The EMBOSS project will move to the European Bioinformatics 
Institute from August 1st. Development and support will continue as before.

The EMBOSS homepage will remain at http://emboss.sourceforge.net/

The FTP server (to download EMBOSS releases and updates) has moved to 

The EMBOSS anonymous CVS server will remain at cvs.open-bio.org hosted by the 
Open Bio Foundation, who will also continue to host the developers' CVS server.

The EMBOSS mailing lists have been moved to the Open Bio Foundation, so the 
addresses are now:

To contact the EMBOSS team:

emboss-bug at emboss.open-bio.org Bug reports and support requests
emboss-submit at emboss.open-bio.org Code submissions

Lists users/developers can subscribe to:

emboss at emboss.open-bio.org Users mailing list
emboss-dev at emboss.open-bio.org Developers mailing list
emboss-announce at emboss.open-bio.org New release announcements list

There are obvious gaps in these details ... more news as soon as we have 


Peter Rice, Alan Bleasby and the EMBOSS team.

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