Genetic codes and other repeated ACD lists

Martin Senger senger at
Tue Apr 19 10:11:46 UTC 2005

> RESOURCE genetic_code [ type: "list" value: "0:Standard;11:Bacterial" ]
   I am not knowledgeable enough about EMBOSS, especially I know almost 
nothing about the EGC.index etc., in order to be helpful here, but allow 
me please ask a question:
   If I understand it correctly you are actually talking about replacing
often-repeated pieces of ACD files by a reference to a common (shared)  
place where the piece is stored just once. But that seems to be an exact
scenario used in all kinds of the 'include' directives. So what about to
consider to add a general syntax for inclusion in the ACD and then you can
replace not only genetic codes but any other repeting piece any time you
wish. And it will be transparent for the ACD parsers (they just need to
know where to look for the included files).

   Just my 2cents,

Martin Senger

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