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Someone is researching your background via our website.

One of our users has begun the process of meeting people who know you via our website for the purpose of researching your background.

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The power of word-of-mouth in our world is unquestioned. If a friend gives "two thumbs up" for a movie, the chances are that we will go watch it in the theater or rent it on DVD. A food critic who recommends a restaurant in his newspaper column will be a main driver of traffic of wannabe connoisseurs to that establishment. Whether it is to find a good dry cleaner, or a good lawyer, there is no more valuable recommendation than one from a person who has lived through that experience before.

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Why do people use our website?

Our website is an online community that connects people who share common contacts, and helps them start a conversation that can lead to better and more informed decisions. For example, if you are thinking about which mechanic to trust your car to, you can come to this site, submit a search on the mechanic or his business and see if anyone else has dealt with him in the past. What you'll find will be either a positive or negative experience. Either way, you get a real sense of reassurance from being able to talk to someone who purchased his services in the past.

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We foster the spread of wordofmouth because we believe it is one of the most genuine and accurate types of information available. Sure, you can "Google" someone, but chances are the results you find in that kind of a search will yield less direct personal testimonies.


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