fastA and BLAST under EMBOSS, the DB problem

Peter Rice pmr at
Mon Oct 27 18:29:20 UTC 2003

Guy Bottu wrote:

> I think it would be a good idea to distribute our 
> BLAST and fastA wrappers as an "Embassadir". Therefore I would like to 
> co-operate with the developement team of EMBOSS as well as with the developers 
> of GUI's to see what is necessary.
> The most serious problem is databank access.

EMBOSS database definitions now include the concept of "resource" which 
can be used to define databases for FASTA and BLAST and any otehr resources.

We only need to write some resource definitions (you can invent 
attributes) and implement them as valid values for a "resource" acd type 
(which would be very easy to add in ACD).


Peter Rice

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