datafile and filelist data types

Peter Rice pmr at
Wed Oct 15 07:48:06 UTC 2003

Hi Luke,

Alan Bleasby wrote:
> ACD has been going through a rework for 2.8.0 . The documentation
> is being updated at the moment. It was said at the last meeting that
> the documentation was, for once, ahead of the code!

It was indeed!!! The code has now caught up.

The acdsyntax documentation is now generated automatically by running (a 
slightly extended) entrails, parsing the results and generating the 
tables of ACD types and attributes. There is also a check for missing 
text, mainly descriptions of attributes for each ACD type.

> The file to look at is in the CVS download and is the
> dco/manuals/acdsyntax-template.html
> one. 'filelist' still hasn't made it into those docs but other
> cahnges-to-come have. filelist is a comma separated list of files,
> dirlist is mentioned in to docs above. We'll sort out 'filelist'
> in the docs.

The working copy (we can't put it up live until 2.8.0 goes out) is at

 From time to time this may refer to ACD changes I've not yet committed, 
but it will be the 2.8.0 version of the ACD syntax documentation.

To check on the datatypes available in ACD, you should run the entrails 
program (built with "make check") to get a full list.

There are serveral new ACD types for 2.8.0 - most are simply input files 
with specific types, and are reserved for phylip 3.6. Details will 
follow in a posting to emboss-dev when the documentation is complete.

> It is not a bug in the mw* programs, they are both useful datatypes.

Though there are still some datatypes that seem to be not used, they are 
"reserved" for places where strings are currently used.


... and, specially for Canada, OZE :-)


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