Stealing CA $9 billions = Recall Election

ENRON = Swarzenegger martin_artist at
Mon Oct 6 03:14:47 UTC 2003

Bush bible PNAC 

 Swarzeneger got money from ENRON to forgive 9 billions pay back

I'm very worry, desperate PNAC may do 3rd Pearl Harbor to US.  -  Second is here:  1997

page 48 Clinton economy is good   -   page 51 on document or 63 / on Acrobat viewer.. 

- We have to have major attack on America first, to convince people


Arnold or Adolph, what the different;   D A N K E,    will Terminate US all & California first
Prescott  help Adolph, George him & Enron;  Gasoline $4 per gallon is just the beginning.

Actor = skilled liar, how can we trust them ?  I heard,  his porno job is for sale; & He is ENRON BOY     

 Hitler, Noriega, Hussein, bin Laden, Pinochet   -  did business with the Bush family.
Now we do business with Bush as well;   -  $500 000 000 000 is gone, missing, and make US poor
Perfect Taxpayers Rip Off -  MONEY LAUNDRY    -   true Iraq repair kidding,  - direct to own pocket,

Isn't this a crime ??  + Lie of war reasons, and lie, and lie, and lie.
Please look on this and think by yourself; where we are going ??  
Or PNAC push us there, like stick to a blind sheep. - Start thinking on your own, please.
START THINKING AGAIN !!!		listen       810 AM;    Bernie,   Genie,  Ray only    (night time)

How many Concentration Camps do they need today ?    one for sure is on Cuba.

If,  after that news - you can't sleep too well -;   get Warren book;   " The Governor "   try understand  - how to blackmail Congress   -  Or movie films;       " Enemy of the State"  that most of us  today         " Spy like US "    - abusing power by top managers    " Air America "   - how marihuana come to US

It may happened, Pentagon will have to arrest White House  and his own " Liar in Chief" to save USA  
On the base of George Washington Legacy
War President & his bible "PNAC" inventing Terrorism & new Pearl Harbor: )

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