Some comments on EMBOSS

gwilliam at gwilliam at
Fri Sep 27 10:18:14 UTC 2002

The HGMP has been gathering data from a questionnaire about its service.
These are some of the comments that mention EMBOSS...


I have recently had to teach myself how to use EMBOSS as I could no
longer justify paying for using the GCG package.  I was not disappointed
though I found it a bit less intuitive, but that could simply be because
I had to read the help pages and try things out.  I think the EMBOSS
package could be promoted a bit better as I would have stopped using GCG
sooner had I known what the EMBOSS program could do; not to mention the
cost of using GCG.. 

I need to use GCG all the time and when it became that I had to pay for
it I tried using EMBOSS but it just does not do what I require as easily
and well as GCG.  This is after consultation with your help desk on
EMBOSS.  Even a simple programme like finding restriction enzymes is
really a poor substitute for GCG.  I work with large constructs ~90kb
-200kb and we clone by homologous recombination. 

Not very keen on Jemboss cf W2H I can't actually get it to run on my
slightly aged PC.  If the W2H author isn't working on it more it might
be nice to take that over ie a non J[ava] web interface. 

Better Emboss functionality to equal GCG

I am missing the GCG package, and would like to see more improvements on
the EMBOSS package so that it can fully replace the GCG. 

I wish to continue accessing GCG programs, and do not wish to swap to

I can't seem to access any help for EMBOSS programs.  Mostly self
evident what they do from title.  Multiple sequence editor useful - I
would however like to be able to see some worked examples of this
despite the help section being useful.

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