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Mon Oct 14 09:36:23 UTC 2002

Damian Counsell wrote:

> Whatever happens with the HTML stylesheets, they will probably be
> subordinated to whatever the HGMP's new house style looks like.  The
> whole point of these stylesheets is that they just tailor the "look"
> of the page to whatever environment they are being viewed in; they
> don't change the content in any way.
> We can have as many different looks as we like.  James is creating /
> has created new stylesheets for the HGMP's new Web pages, which we
> ought to pay lip service to at least when preparing stylesheets for
> our copy of the online documentation.

The HGMP house style has nothing whatsoever to do with the EMBOSS

The EMBOSS project is not an HGMP project, the HGMP merely hosts some of
the EMBOSS web pages temporarily because it is convenient for us.

We can and will move the EMBOSS pages elsewhere if there is any
interference from the HGMP.

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