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gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk wrote:
> Martin Bishop pointed out this GCG site:
> http://www.hoselton.net/religion/global/split/

 From their beliefs - not on that page (as www.gcg.org is no longer theirs 
:-) but from the UK branch at http://www.globalcog.fsnet.co.uk/ in the 
"Beliefs" link:

The seventh-day weekly Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. The 
day symbolizes God's resting on the seventh day, after having recreated the 
surface of the earth in six days, and the forthcoming Millennium which is 
also referred to as a Sabbath lasting for 1,000 years (Leviticus 23:3; 
Exodus 20:8-11).

So that's why they've not developed anything since January 2000 :-)


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