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sshevt1 sshevt1 at
Wed Mar 13 15:21:29 UTC 2002

I am very march agree with statement, that EMBOSS is a package of high-quality 
software for sequence analysis. Since you don't mind to get feedback from 
users I want to draw you attention to pretty little problem:

Currently web based resources are covering a vast majority of elementary
sequences assays, such as homology search, translation, restriction, ets.
However one obvious omission is still exist:
the very common task in broad areas of research is cloning of particular
fragments, (such as coding sequence of the gene. In order to accomplish it
researcher have to copy sequence from gene bank and edit it, like change
nucleotides, add another fragments, like restriction sites to the ends,
transform it in complementary strand, ets. While most of the commercially
available programs can do it nothing on the web.

Sergei Shevtsov
Dept of Mol Genet,
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

Sergei Shevtsov, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Genetics, MC-669
University of Illinois at Chicago
900 S. Ashland Ave., 

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