documentation update

Damian Counsell d.counsell at
Thu Jun 27 12:42:15 UTC 2002

Dear All

Yesterday we had a productive and interesting(!) meeting to discuss
documentation.  It will be the first of many.  I have set up a Web
page to keep people informed about work on the wonderful new
documentation system for EMBOSS:

.  Remember this is just a skeleton.  A "release early release often"
policy will apply to this resource and criticisms and contributions
are welcome.  Meeting minutes to follow soon.

As Gary (Williams) has pointed out, the task of updating and
converting the existing docs will be a big one.  Once the spec is
defined we'll come looking for volunteers.  (Or perhaps the
Documentation Czar will visit and you to ask if you'd rather be using
a laptop from a hospital bed...)

Utility! Parseability! Reproducibility!  Vive la documentation*!


(*Yes, I know it should be "Vive les dossiers!".  Have you no poetry?)

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