The EMBOSS Documentation Project

Guy Bottu gbottu at
Tue Jun 25 09:13:49 UTC 2002

from : BEN

	Dear All,
A good manual is certainly wellcome. What is available now is not up-to-date, 
uncomplete and/or only available on remote WWW sites. Of course, writing a 
manual is a big effort and programmers are notoriously not eager to spend much 
effort in writing manuals. It is nearly unavoidable of increasing the EMBOSS 
developement team with a person whose job it is to write the manual.

How should it look like ? IMHO, the GCG manual is a good example, except that it 
contains too much unneeded repetititons.

What do we need ?
documentation for each program + a general user's guide
available as well on-line as as printable text (maybe PDF), since paging through 
a printed text is still more convenient than browsing through screens
also a developer's guide with info about ACD, sequence and other formats, AJAX 
and NUCLEUS functions, etc.

	Guy Bottu 

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