Emboss 2.1.0 on Irix

Haruna Cofer haruna at sgi.com
Thu Jan 3 16:43:37 UTC 2002

Thanks, Len, for your porting notes on this!  I was also trying to
figure out how to override the CFLAGS variable, and the problem seems to
be that the configure script resets CFLAGS to -O on line 11353.  So you
can either comment this line out or replace the line with your desired
CFLAGS value.

I've been building without the png drivers, so my plan is to build it
with the png drivers and then post porting notes on the SGI web site for
other SGI/IRIX users to reference.  Will keep you all posted!  

-- Haruna  :)

Len Zaifman wrote:
> Finally, in the Configure script, which appears below, I needed to set
> several includes in the line setting the Compiler.  There were errors
> when I put them in the CFLAGS variable. Has anyone else seen these
> issues:
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