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Mon Aug 26 18:46:11 UTC 2002


* Guy Bottu <gbottu at> [020826 16:53]:

> from : BEN
> I have started to port under EMBOSS some local developements we had under GCG at 
> the BEN site. I would like to write program documentation files (txt and html). 

Are you looking for a job any time soon? ;-)

> I read the on-line documentation at
> but
> did not get much wiser. Therefore my questions : must the txt files
> respect a certain standard ?

Ooh, don't get me started...

As Alan pointed out, enhancing the documentation is definitely a
priority at the moment and XML (DocBook) will be the new standard.

For the latest news go here:

and for Terry Stewart's documentation on the new documentation go here:

.  With the arrival of this page EMBOSS introduces a variation on
recursive acronyms by telling its developers to RTFMM...

Here's the template:

> Is there a tool make the html files ?

There's a tool to make the XML files:

 which you can use in conjunction
with Terry's stylesheets to produce HTML or with the OpenJade package
to produce LaTeX, PDF or RTF.

all the best


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