Saving multiple sequences contained in a linked list.

Brooks Mark brooks at
Mon Aug 26 17:44:06 UTC 2002

A quick teaser for those interested in testing their grey matter...

Can anyone spot the mistake in the following function please?  Actually,
I can't do it, that's why I'm asking ;-)!
...actually, there may be many mistakes, but as I try and traverse this
linked list (by moving to list->next) and save each sequence  in turn,
all I do in the end is save the first sequence as many times as there
are items in the list.

Here is the offending code

void real_export_all(GtkWidget * app, gchar * filename)
        GList *list;
        AjPStr seqfilename, seq_formatstr;
        AjPSeqout seqoutname;
        SeqListItem *seq_list_item;
        GNode *node;

        seqfilename = ajStrNewC("/tmp/wibble.fas");
        seq_formatstr = ajStrNewC("fasta");
        seqoutname = ajSeqoutNew();
        (void) ajSeqFileNewOut(seqoutname, seqfilename);

        for (list = trees ; list != NULL ; list = list->next){
                node = trees->data;
                seq_list_item = node->data;
                (void) ajSeqOutSetFormat(seqoutname, seq_formatstr);
                ajSeqAllWrite(seqoutname, seq_list_item->seq);
        (void) ajSeqWriteClose(seqoutname);
and a SeqListItem is just this (for now)
typedef struct _SeqListItem SeqListItem;
struct _SeqListItem {
        AjPSeq seq;
        gint frame;
"trees" is a global variable (ugh) of type GList.

If you feel you need more information, you can always browse the cvs for
the entire program at
the  Sourceforge page.... browse the CVS... see it in action at the web page...
(which is very incomplete!).
or to download and try and build the thing (I think ssh is required, but
not sure on this one)
-d:pserver:anonymous at

cvs -z3
-d:pserver:anonymous at
co gnome-emboss

(Requires libxml, gnome, glade, libglade, auto(make,conf, etc.), the
usual suspects).

Any comments on anything related are more than welcome.
Sorry if this is a stupid question- I'm not great at programming yet!


P.S.    Yes, it is a rip off of GDE, without as much functionality.

P.P.S.    By the way, the program's name is _not_ going to stay as "Gnome-EMBOSS" (I hope it doesn't cause offence in Cambs. that I even use EMBOSS in the name) for long; we're having a competition here

to come up with something better.  An average user would have no idea what Gnome-EMBOSS would do!

The leading contender for the name is currently: "DNAvigator" (despite potential confusion with Netscape Navigator, this is the best we've done).

If you have something better you could win a crate of beer.....

Mark Brooks,
EMBL Grenoble Outstation,
6, rue Jules Horowitz, BP181
38042 Grenoble Cedex 9, France.
Tel: + (0)4 76 20 72 85

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