recode -> recoder

gwilliam at gwilliam at
Wed May 16 09:29:23 UTC 2001

Does anyone know of a reason why 'recode' should not be called 'recoder'?

>        [recode] program name
>   Date: 
>        Wed, 16 May 2001 11:23:49 +0200
>   From: 
>        Philipp <pixelpapst at>
>     To: 
>        emboss-bug at
>Hi All,
>I've recently started investigating EMBOSS, which i find very usefull.
>One thing i want to report (although you've probably heard this before)
>because it almoust instantly bit me is the program name collision
>of "recode" with the popular unix program of the same name (compare
> ).
>I'm not sure if one can consider this a "bug" (meaning it's a problem
>that should be resolved) or not, but it sure is inconvinient (and breaks
>our systems' printing configuration :)).
>If you reply, please CC me.
>  Philipp

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