question about sequence weights

Peter Rice peter.rice at
Tue Jul 10 10:33:24 UTC 2001

Dear Guy,

> I have a question. The programs pretty (GCG), prettybox (GCG+egcg) and
> prettyplot (egc) all allowed to use as input a List File with a "weight"
> attribute. I think that EMBOSS prettyplot does not or does it ?

Was this ever used outside of SeqLab?

EMBOSS does have weights internally. It should be relatively simple to add
them to list files somehow, and even to store them in other sequence
formats (apart from MSF).

At present, you need MSF input to get the weights into EMBOSS. That is the
only sequence format that explicitly has them (so you can use seqret to
convert your list to an MSF file, and edit the weights there)



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