Pyroglutamate formation and molecular weights.

David Martin dmartin at
Wed Jul 4 16:21:20 UTC 2001

In certain instances, an N-terminal glutamate can form a ring structure

It would be nice to check for this by checking fragments (in
embMolGetFrags ) for both the modified and unmodified version. This can be
readily done by adding a function that takes as a parameter a flag value
to tell it to add pyroglutamate fragments to the list alongside the
ordinary fragments.

It would be nice also to add a field to the EmbSMolFrag to take a comment
about any modification, either a simple flag or an integer code for the
modification. This can then be used in the output to inform the user.

I'll change it and send the changed files (embmol.* and emowse.* )


David Martin PhD
Bioinformatics Scientific Officer
Wellcome Trust Biocentre, Dundee

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