Question on EMBOSS libraries

Bill Shui touro at
Tue Jul 3 23:28:45 UTC 2001

I am currently using EMBOSS for my thesis work.

My thesis project is to integrate key functionalities of emboss into
a XML database system, such that these functions could be activated by
invoking a function call in the XML query.

for example.

    this could be equivalent to SQL's function call.

    select multialign(sequence) from TableA where sequence_id = "blerg";

    the multialign function will be a modified emboss function which
    carries out the multiple sequence alignments.

what I do not need to used functions in the ajax/emboss/nucleus libraries
that loads data from acd files, etc. All I need are the core functions that
does the actual computation work.

I have started reading through the emboss source code, but I'm a bit unclear
as to which functions could be regarded as the core functions. (that exclude
all the acd file loading, codon table loading, etc...)

thanks in advance.

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