More ACD GUI bits

Peter Rice Peter.Rice at
Wed Jan 10 17:09:42 UTC 2001

James Bonfield writes:

>Missing endgroups wouldn't make it hard to parse (for me). A new group just
>appends on to the existing 'path' and the endgroup pops it off. I guess you'd
>disallow the following case:
>group: g1 [...]
>group: g2 [...]
>endgroup: g1
>endgroup: g2
>If so, then we do not need to specify which group is being ended.

I would say the 'endgroup: g1' ends any nested group(s) (g2)
and the second endgroup would be an error.

If I feel pedantic, I would add a warning for the first endgroup, as it is
just untidy. But I suspect nested groups will be rare anyway (except for your
page/frame  arrangement maybe?)


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