ACD and GUIs

Peter Rice Peter.Rice at
Wed Jan 10 16:19:36 UTC 2001

James Bonfield  writes:

>There's lots of default values for each acd type. Eg sequence has a default
>prompt of "Input sequence". The next sequence type then has a different
>default prompt ("Input second sequence"). And so on. Sometimes there is no
>prompt: line, but instead acd uses the info: line. All these rules seem
>dependent on the acd type, as coded into ajacd.c.

Some of the mysteries are covered by the 'entrails' utility program, which
gives you the extra qualifiers for each data type.

Others are covered by -help (and -help -verbose), for example the ranges of
values for integers.

So, it is relatively easy to construct something for you.

> Sometimes there is no prompt: line, but instead acd uses the info: line. 

We cleaned most of those up for PISE. The original idea was that EMBOSS
would use the 'prompt', GUIs would use 'info', and help would use 'help', but
that they could use alternatives when undefined. For PISE, we simplified this
to only defining 'info' (we never needed more than one anyway as it turned
but some 'prompt's may have crept back in.


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