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Peter Rice peter.rice at
Wed Aug 22 15:34:01 UTC 2001

David Martin wrote:
> A long time ago on the wish list it was mooted that USA's could be
> extended to include region information. Has anything come of this and what
> are the thoughts on feasibility.
> In other words it would be nice to be able to write a listfile like
> em:hstf[30..90]
> em:hscfvii[92..103,108-120]

Something to discuss at this week's EMBOSS meeting....

Among the possible 'report' formats for writing 'feature' data (any program
that reports start, end and score for some pattern) is a ListFile format to
write a list file that can be used to read in the subsequences.

For this we do need a USA syntax that includes start, end, reverse.

The syntax above would be a reasonable solution (with to..from for reversed


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