EMBOSS 1.12.0

David Martin dmartin at gen67172.msiwtb.dundee.ac.uk
Thu Apr 19 09:57:58 UTC 2001

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Peter Rice wrote:

> David,
> >Then dump it to XML, use XSLT to generate the various formats.
> Is there a DTD for this? XSLT is still new to me, but I guess I should
> learn...

XSLT is a description of rules for transforming an XML document into an
arbitrary format/mess, including running external programs on part of the
data. Have a look at the XML.com or w3c.org sites for more info. It looks
quite amenable.

> >If EMBOSS can generate premade powerpoint slides of the output then it
> >really is on to a winner (because scientists are lazy beasts..)
> Again, how? I guess it should be relatively easy, apart from designing the
> background image :-)

If you can generate word documents then surely powerpoint is not too

> >EMBOSS still doesn't support BoulderIO format for sequences a la
> >primer3.
> True. Nor GFF with sequences in the header (though I am just implementing
> that one to make reading GFF files easier)
> Does anyone have the BoulderIO format description?
Lincoln Stein? have a look also at
www.no.embnet.org/Programs/SAL/primer05.php3 for primer 0.5



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