Standardising program output

David Martin damartin at
Sun Sep 10 12:19:34 UTC 2000

To make it easier for script addicts like me, would it be possible to get
som esort of standardised output for certain types of analysis programs
that calculate a single value (or values) for a sequence. 

#Name	Start	End	Value1	[Value2	[Value3...]]

This would make automated provessing of large numbers of sequences much
easier. (Yes I know that btwisted doesn't conform to this.) 

I looked at infoseq and it looks kind of ugly with all the if
(html) clauses.

Would it not be easier to have a single function

ajFmtPrintData( AjPFile outfile, int outputtype, AjPSeq sequence, AjPList

where the outfile is the file to which to print, outputtype is the type
of text output to produce and is handled by defines so you would use
PLAIN_TEXT, HTML_TEXT, XML_TEXT etc. allowing for more text formats to be 
coded without having to touch the application (*), the sequence is used to
get the name, start and
end, and the list contains a list of results that are then printed in a
tab separated manner (probably already converted to strings before adding
to the list.)

There would be a similar function 
ajFmtPrintDataHeader( AjPFile outfile, int outputtype , char * appname,
sequence, AjPList results);

which would print the header line:

#Output from appname at date and time
#Name	Start	End	Val1 	Val2 ...

where val1, val2, and so on are teh headers put in an AjList.

It tidies up the coding somewhat and enforces a consistency of output. It
also means that every program can easily be upgraded without recoding when
someone wants a new format.

This could possibly be done better by creating a 'data outfile' object
 (-odata output -odformat html or -oresults outfile -orformat plain)

possible output formats could be:

plain  	(tab delimited columns)
csv	(Comma Separated Values)
xml	(in some format yet to be determined.)
sql 	(INSERT INTO appnameresults (name, start, end, val1, val2) VALUES
( ... ));
or even some binary formats if people really want to code them.



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