[DAS2] Restarting DAS/2 teleconferences?

Gregg Helt gregghelt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 21:27:30 UTC 2008

Hello again everybody!

After taking an eight month sabbatical, I'm back to work (currently as a
free agent).  In the last two months I've focused mainly on distributed
annotation and DAS/2 in particular.  And although traffic on the list has
been light/nonexistent, I know there are a number of others now actively
working on DAS/2 servers and clients.  I'm hoping we can move the offline
discussions we've been having back onto the list.

I would also like to restart the DAS/2 teleconferences as soon as possible.
Ann, is the offer to host these on your teleconference line still good?
Would people be up for this Thursday morning (Pacific time) for the first
one?  If not please propose a different time.  I think we should plan to
devote most of the teleconference to a specific topic each time.  For the
first one I'd like to do an overview of the current state of DAS/2 -- spec,
client/server/validator/registry implementations, deployments, who's working
on what, etc.  After that here's my shortlist, please chime in with other

     Proposed spec changes -- DAS/2.1
     Integration of DAS1 and DAS/2
     Security / Authorization issues
     Server implementations (Genometry, Biopackages, HapMap, Trellis (my new
     Client implementations (IGB, ???)
     Current state of distributed annotation in general
     Integration of DAS/2 with GMOD

Hope to talk with everyone soon,

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